Welcome to Faith Telecom

Faith Telecom is a solutions oriented telecom company which focuses on outstanding user experience while offering affordable products which integrate with your daily life. Our vision is simply to keep our customers happy by providing excellent customer support, quality of service and the most economical solutions available!

Our team is comprised of remarkably exceptional salesmen, account managers and carrier relations managers, whom on average have 10 years of experience in the telecom field. We are committed to our customers and continue to produce innovative products which make your communications simpler and more cost efficient.

It will be our pleasure to serve you.

From our valued customers:

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a full-blown traveler, Faith Telecom provides great prices and great service!

Going abroad with a SIM from Faith telecom is always smooth, because Gedali is always available to assist whenever any problem arises. Besides Gedali is one of the biggest mentsches alive, and I love doing business with good people.

I was tired of phone cards cutting me off in the middle of conversations and then having to type in a million different numbers to restart the call.  Gedali understood my concerns and furnished me with a quality phone card that was easy to use.  Thanks!

I just got back home.  Thank you so much for the SIM card and for all your help! It really gave me peace of mind.

Gedali was great,super helpful both before we left and also while we were away. We recommend using Faith Telecom!