Israel SIM FAQ

We send our SIM cards to you by US post, so we suggest that you place your order at least two weeks before your trip and not more than 30 days before departure.

The SIM will be provided in a handy SIM holder so that you don’t misplace it 🙂

It also comes with an ejector tool to open your phone – yay!

You’ll receive a local Israel number with unlimited talk and text within Israel and 800 minutes talk to US and Canada (including mobiles). The difference between the plans is the amount of mobile data which you will choose for your trip.

You will need at least a 4G unlocked phone to use any Faith SIM service.

When you use the internet on your phone, you are using mobile data.  Whether it’s searching the web, using  a GPS app or sending emails. For example; watching a video on YouTube will use quite a bit of data whereby sending emails (without attachments) will not use as much.   Everyone uses mobile data differently on a daily basis, but you can easily check your recent data usage in your phone’s data settings.  This will give you a good idea of your recent usage and assist in letting you choose the correct Faith Israel data plan (Available options are: 20GB, 100GB or 1,000GB).

An unlocked phone is a mobile device which can be used with any carrier’s SIM card and is not locked to one specific network.  Most US phones are purchased from your mobile phone carrier and most carriers lock their phones to their own networks. You must contact your US mobile carrier before your trip in order to confirm that your phone is unlocked for foreign SIMs.  The customer is responsible to make sure that the phone is unlocked, so please speak with a service representative if you think otherwise.

You can check how much data you might need for your trip by checking out this very useful data calculator from AT&T: .  Feel free to contact us via FB or our contact form if you still would like to discuss your options.

Your device should be configured automatically once you place the SIM card inside your phone.  If this does not occur, restart your phone.  If you are having an issue connecting to the internet, please follow these steps:

Dial *9999 from your phone.  When you hear the automated voice – press 1.  The settings will then be sent to your phone. If your data doesn’t work after 1 minute, please try to open the configuration message which was received and install the profile which was sent to you.  Safe surfing 🙂

iPhone users: You may follow the same steps as above but if you are still expriencing issues, make sure to reset network settings on your phone, then restart the device and everything will work perfectly.

Please follow the instructions received via email before your trip.

Your Israel SIM is reusable and can be recharged for a future trip. So, go ahead and save that SIM for a future trip or lend it to a friend going to Israel. Choose and recharge your plan @ before your trip.

Thanks for using our services and we would love to service you in the future.

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