Since we send our SIM cards to you by post, we suggest that you place the order at least two weeks before your trip and not more than 30 days before departure.  If you’ve opted to pick up your SIM card, you should place your order at least one week before departure.

The SIM will be provided in a handy SIM holder so that you don’t misplace it 🙂

You will receive a local US number (you choose the area code) with unlimited talk and text within the US and 1000 minutes talk to Israel (including mobiles).  The difference between the plans is the amount of mobile data which you will need for your trip.

An unlocked phone is a mobile device which can be used with any carrier’s SIM card and is not locked to one specific network.  If you are using a phone which you purchased from an Israeli carrier after January 2011, then your device is an unlocked phone.  If you bought your phone from a cellphone store, then it is most likely unlocked as well.  The customer is responsible to make sure that the phone is unlocked, so please speak with a service representative if you think otherwise.

You will need a 4G unlocked phone to use any Faith SIM service.  The best way to find out if your phone will work is by checking it on the following very cool and useful site:  Choose your phone’s brand, model, sub model (if requested), Country (USA) and Carriers (AT&T).  The site will then inform you if your phone will work or not with our US SIM card.

When you use the internet on your phone, you are using mobile data.  Whether it’s searching the web, using  a GPS app or sending emails. For example; watching a video on YouTube will use quite a bit of data whereby sending emails (without attachments) will not use as much.   Everyone uses mobile data differently on a daily basis, but you can easily check your recent data usage in your phone’s data settings.  This will give you a good idea of your recent usage and assist in letting you choose the correct Faith US unlimited data plan (Available options are: 1 GB, 2 GB, 6 GB, 15 GB or Unlimited Data).

Also see FAQ (How can I find out which data plan is best for me?)

VoLTE stands for Voice Over LTE, whereby LTE means Long Term Evolution (almost synonymous with 4G). VoLTE is a voice call made over the 4G LTE network. It allows you to place a call via your LTE network rather than the “standard” voice network.

VoLTE makes your voice calls more clear with higher quality. It also allows you to use your internet data to make calls as well as browse the web and use apps.

You can check how much data you might need for your trip by checking out this very useful data calculator from AT&T: .  Feel free to contact us via FB or our contact form if you still would like to discuss your options.

Your SIM card needs to be configured for internet / data usage. Please follow the instructions below before you leave Israel.  If you have an Android phone follow these steps with the US SIM card in your phone:

  1. On the device tap Apps icon > Settings > Mobile networks> Access Point Names. You may also search the settings for “Access Point Names”.
  2. Create a new Access point (tap Menu icon > New APN) and input the values listed below: –
    • Name: Internet
    • APN: PRODATA (if you have an Unlimited data SIM please use: nxtgenphone instead of prodata).
  3. Leave username and PW blank.
  4. Set the APN type as default
  5. Save the APN and if necessary select Access Point Names and tap the radio button next to the name Internet to set the profile as default.
  6. Return to the home screen.

The settings are then saved and the service is ready for use.

If you have an iPhone, please follow the instructions which you received in the activation email.  You may also text:646-402-5590 for assistance.

To call Israel landlines and mobiles dial directly: 011-972-area code (without the 0) and then the phone number. If this doesn’t work, please dial: 718-887-9020 wait for the dial tone and then dial as if you are in Israel: area code and number (with the 0; eg. 052-555-1212). To dial Canada, the dialing method is: 1 – area code and phone number.

  1. Press and hold 1 from your wireless phone to access your voicemail.
  2. Follow the prompts and select 1 for English.
  3. The system will ask you to enter your personal pass code. (think of an easy to remember pass code and enter it when prompted)
  4. The system will prompt you to record your own personal greeting or to select a standard greeting.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete voicemail setup.
  1. Dial your wireless phone number or hold down the 1 key.
  2. Press 1 if calling from your wireless phone.
  3. Enter your pass code.
  4. The system will automatically play the new voice messages.

Please send an email to:  Provide your name, US number and request to find out how much data you have used.

We love having you as our customer and why should you be bothered with returning the SIM card? The SIM you have used is disposable and can be thrown away, but might we suggest you use the handy SIM holder for future travel or for your Micro SD cards 😉

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